What Mortages We Offer

Here at Federal First Lending we offer more than just your traditional products, which sets us aside from
most. We’re here to find the best product that fits your needs.
Conventional loans are an optimal choice for those looking to make their first home purchase, those who are seasoned buyers, and even owners looking to refinance their existing loan into a more advantageous arrangement.
FHA loans aim to make owning a home a possibility for everyone, and therefore offer benefits such as down payments as low as 3.5%, low interest rates, workable qualification standards, and above-par refinancing plans for large loans.
Veteran’s Affairs (VA) loans were created to assist eligible veterans and active-duty service members in the pursuit of owning a home and give them the ability to refinance pre-existing mortgages into more favorable VA loans.
Non-QM loans offer flexible choices for those seeking jumbo loans that do not necessarily meet the guidelines laid out by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
Interest-Only loans can be uniquely beneficial, but not for everyone. They are useful for those who desire more funds in the short term by offering the option to pay down only the interest due and leave the principal amount of debt unchanged.
Those aged 62 or older may want to explore the option of a reverse mortgage plan. After building equity for so many years, many choose to utilize this value to realize their retirement goals, supplement their retirement income, and get…

Our process

Find the right mortgage for your budget and goals

Finding the perfect mortgage company is a step towards realizing your homeownership dreams. We are here to guide you through the process and find you the right solution.
The initial consultation involves a complete assessment of your financial situation, preferences, and objectives, so we can find the personalized mortgage solution that is best for you.
During document collection, we streamline the process by gathering all necessary paperwork, making it easy and smooth for a timely mortgage application.
Our team conducts a thorough evaluation and helps you with the approval process, providing you with a seamless path to securing your ideal mortgage.
Once your mortgage has been approved, the disbursement process comes into action, for a timely transfer of funds. Giving you a happy and efficient closing.
Our process
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About Federal First

Federal First Lending’s Founding members have been in the mortgage industry for over 10 year. Originally working as loan officers, Jeff and Taylor quickly found success helping homeowners across the country. Within two years, they both became nationally ranked as Best in Class. They understand the unique and individualized attention each client needs in order to obtain their own financial goals.